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Of Thunder and Flames

When the power-hungry King Claudius Lublaoca of the Lublaoca Dynasty sends an invasion to his rival kingdom of Northor, he predicts their unsuspecting army will fall. All he desires is more land under his belt, regardless of what he must destroy.Sei Kiine, a man who was born and raised deep in the Northori forests, has been drafted to fight for his country. Stripped from his family, he’s caught in a battle with the enemy and with his own anxiety, desperate to see his wife and son again.His efforts place him next in line to the throne but his rise to power comes much quicker when King Teraus is murdered.Now, though suffering with intense grief, he's got to deal with King Claudius' favourite concubine, Valdea, who's fled across the ocean to safety...


Kit is a 18 year old up-and-coming writer who has had a passion for English language and literature since he learned to read at the age of three. He resides on the Isle of Wight and is assisted by two cats.He has been writing for as long as he can remember and wrote his first short children's sci-fi at the age of 7. Now, years later, he has created the fantasy land of Akulis and is raring to share his work with the world in the upcoming duology.Of Thunder of Flames in complete and is currently receiving feedback from a lovely team of beta and ARC readers. It will be public later on this year.

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22nd March 2024I got the first five beta copies! They're so rad. It's awesome to see my work physically. It even smells bookish -- what more can you ask for?Now it's just a case of collecting feedback, adding/changing parts, fine-tuning, and then we can go on the hunt for publishers!Kit K

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Contemporary with the world as we know it, the continent of Akulis holds four kingdoms, each ruled by magical Kitsune
Character illustrations are by @SunBearSophia on Twitter/X

Meet Valdea. Despite her rather unfortunate past and less than agreeable upbringing, she's got the heart of a lion and a lot of care to give out. She knows what she wants, and even though there's a lot of obstacles in her way, she does her best to fight for justice and a good life.

King Lublaoca is the worst man you've ever met. A dictator of the kingdom he's oh-so proud of, citizens from within and beyond live in constant fear of what he'll do next. He has a heart of ice and very little care for anyone but himself... and perhaps a certain advisor. If it benefits him, he'll do it, no matter how depraved or dastardly it may seem.

Meet Otto -- the King's sharp-witted advisor. He knows what makes him tick and knows how to keep him happy. He finds all the best solutions for the problems the Royal Court faces, including the fleeing ex-princess; even if it requires a bit of bloodshed.

Meet Sei. Though his overtly loud and boisterous demeanour seem like lot to deal with, he doesn't mean to come off as intimidating or anything. He's just an excuberent, fun-loving guy. Despite his generally silly personality, he has a deep desire to protect what he loves, willing to lay down his life if it means his loved ones can live their best.

The twins Bandit and Wolf are two sides of the same coin. The plucky, airheaded Bandit would rather spend his time lazing around in bed and playing games than have to go traverse the lands of Akulis with Wolf. Wolf is a hardened man with a love for hunting and brawling, who feels like he's constantly having to follow Bandit up and keep him from falling into hot water.

Queen Eluna is a power-hungry woman who not-so-subtly uses tricks and deceit into getting what she wants. She thinks incredibly highly of herself and her domineering personality keeps her above her subjects. She's a big fan of using her mind control to make anyone bend to her will.


Representative kingdom colour: Red

Monarch: King Teraus Zevrane (Power: Fire)Allied with: OskorPopulation: 5,000,000Made up of: Shoirus, Skuria, EfraryRoyal Nobles: Earl Jean Dufour of Shoirus, Lady Laurel of Skuria, Lady Yami of EfraryClimate: Warm, humid summers and devastatingly cold winters. Moderate precipitation.Pros: Very free kingdom, most people have the resources to do whatever they choose. Equality is observed by the general population; discrimination is on the same level as murder in terms of illegality.Cons: Criminals usually get away with what they do if nobody actively goes to alert the authorities with a clear report. Higher-ups tend to be in their own little world, and act like Northor has no problems at all... hence, a weak army and untrained authoritarian force.Main Resources: Northor-exclusive jewels and gems, an abundance of fish, coal, cotton


Representative kingdom colour: Pink

Monarch: King Daichi Tsuneo (Power: Poison)Allied with: NorthorPopulation: 7,000,000Made up of: Fluexichil, Vechary, TeswainRoyal Nobles: Earl Liquorice of Fluexichil, Cashew of Vechary, Lady Macaron of TeswainClimate: Teswain, in East Oskor, has a generally cold climate due to its proximity to the Mountains of Kofeile. On the westernmost side, In Fluexichil, shares a broad area of heat with the north of the Usmos Dynasty.Pros: A bustling merchant trade, most materials and foods are grown, caught, and baked locally. The people are social with one another and the young nobility ruling each country means more progression.Cons: The royal family are often criticised for its unapologetic nepotism and the king's bizarre favour for apathy, no matter the situation. Citizens find themselves breaking into fights over the merchant culture - whose idea is whose, reselling, and the like.Main Resources: Rattan, fresh fruits, willow, fine wheat, cotton

Lublaoca Dynasty

Representative kingdom colour: Gold

Monarch: King Claudius Lublaoca (Power: Electricity)Allied with: Usmos DynastyPopulation: 2,000,000Climate: Across the pond from Shoirus, the Lublaoca Dynasty is a cold, windy, high-precipitation area. The kingdom is often struck with thunderstorms and the like, and the average temperature never goes over 15 degrees celsius.Pros: The kingdom is well-equipped to deal with its weather, including a specialist line of clothing which allows for easy work whilst battling the elements.Cons: The only wealthy people in the Lublaoca Dynasty are the king and flesh traders. There are very few protection laws for anyone, the king firmly believes that he and anyone he can leech off of are the only ones worth taking care of. Most anything is legal and the only authoritarian force works under the monarchy's close inspection.Main Resources: Oil, steel

Usmos Dynasty

Representative kingdom colour: Purple

Monarch: Queen Eluna Usmos (Power: Mind Control)Allied with: Lublaoca DynastyPopulation: 9,000,000Royal Nobles: Sir John UsmosClimate: Average temperature is anywhere from 17-20 degrees celsius. However, in the Eastern area attached to the Mountains of Kofeile, the temperatures average 8 degrees celsius. The southernmost point tends to have quite a high precipitation and has to share its water resources with the north, which only gets rainfall twice or thrice a year.Pros: Protection and equality laws for all walks of life have been established. The queendom has trade routes up and down the land, as it is the largest in Akulis, it has a vast amount of different materials, fruits, etc.Cons: Class conflict is high. The poor get poorer and the rich get richer, and there is a wide 'every man for himself' culture. Each person is expected to be independent and help is often looked down on.Main Resources: Fruit, wheat, crude oil, cotton, seeds

Yami is a young woman with a power unlike anything else -- she is a medium and communicates with the deceased. She gets severe anxiety and prefers to keep to herself, staying in the sanctuary of her home. As the noblewoman of Northor's country Efrary, this can oftentimes be a negative. She tends to follow the crowd and doesn't like to voice her opinions.